Journey beyond the ordinary.

Hardcore Travel is for those who are looking to travel beyond the predictable ... each trip is packed with inspiring adventures, where every moment along the way is filled with an authentic experience. So, whether you are retired; flying solo; or scheduling a family vacation, a honeymoon to remember, or a corporate venture, we at Hardcore Travel take the fear out of the “International” unknown and uncertainty, and we deliver a first class, exciting, adventurous, and trustworthy travel experience! 


Hardcore Travel

and Charity Partner

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust


                                                          COMPETE * SAFARI * TREK * TRANSFORM                                                                                 October 8 - 27, 2017                                                                               $100,000 GRAND PRIZE

                                                          COMPETE * SAFARI * TREK * TRANSFORM

                                                                                October 8 - 27, 2017 

                                                                             $100,000 GRAND PRIZE


Committed to making a difference one Adventure at a time!
Our "giveone4one" Commitment...For every 1 trip sold...we send 1 child to school.

*There is a drastic need for significance in each person's life, where people can travel and experience the world, its beauty, wonderful cultures and people. We come alive and are transformed in many ways by helping others in need.  When you begin to travel and discover the world, you also discover a deeper purpose for yourself as Hardcore Travel connects significance and travel. Join one of our SIGNIFICANCE ADVENTURES today!