The $20,000 Ultimate Treasure

GTQ takes fifteen (15) teams of two (2), from our welcoming reception in Miami, around the world visiting 5 countries on 4 continents in 21 days.

Teams compete against each other in 1 day competitions in each country, eventually vying for the Ultimate Treasure of $20,000 on the final day in the final country we visit. 

Each team will be given an envelope with 5 clues (and a map) to decipher. At each location, they must find the treasure box containing a "Clue Card" and a treasure box key. On the back of each Clue Card is a word, combination of words, or a phrase. When all 5 cards are put together in the right order, the cards will reveal exactly where the treasure is located and hidden.  The team that arrives first, finds the treasure box, unlocks and opens it with the correct key wins the $500 treasure and a Clue Card for the Ultimate Treasure of $20,000 in our final country.

Each team will carry a phone, and once the Treasure has been found all teams will be called/texted that the treasure quest is over and to return back to the hotel banquet room.

The final evening after the competition, we will have a “Commissioning of Winners” dinner, where we will announce and celebrate the winners and their prizes. We will also have additional fun prizes for some unique categories.

The Ultimate Treasure Quest

The Ultimate Treasure is also more than money. It's the chance to do something totally unique, fun, competitive, exciting and adventurous! Everyone will experience the ultimate treasure of the excitement of an amazing competition, making lifelong friends, and seeing the breathtaking beauty of this world and it's people.