The $100,000 Ultimate Treasure

KTQ takes twenty (20) teams of two (2), from our welcoming reception in Miami, straight to the heart of “Safari-land” in Arusha, Tanzania.

Teams compete against each other in a 3 day competition in and around Arusha, Tanzania, trying to win and accumulate “Treasure Passes” that give them a distinct advantage on the final day of the competition searching for the $100,000 Ultimate Treasure

Day one features an exciting, but highly competitive Tanzanian scavenger hunt. Day two features three team challenges and three individual challenges. Day three is the $100,000 Ultimate Treasure Quest and the last day of the competition. On day three, each team will be given an envelope with 10 clues (and a map) to decipher. At each location, they must find the treasure box containing a "Kili-Card" and a treasure box key. On the back of each Kili-Card is a word, combination of words, or a phrase. When all 10 cards are put together in the right order, the cards will reveal exactly where the $100,000 Ultimate Treasure is located and hidden.  The team that arrives first, finds the treasure box, unlocks, and opens it with their correct key wins the $100,000 Ultimate Treasure. Second and third place finishers receive $1,000 per team consolation cash prizes as well.

Treasure Passes

A "Treasure Pass” gets you closer to the $100,000 Ultimate Treasure quicker; these are what each team seeks to win. A "Treasure Pass" allows you to get the "Kili-Card" and treasure box key to one of the 10 clues, thus allowing your team to skip past deciphering that clue and having to go to its destination.

The top team that wins the scavenger hunt on day one gets a "Treasure Pass." Each of the teams and individuals that win the second day of competition challenges will each receive a “Treasure Pass” for their team. The top three participants that raise the most money for Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust by October 6 receive a "Treasure Pass" for their team. There is also a mystery "Treasure Pass" that will come into play during the competition.

Each team will carry a phone, and once the $100,000 Ultimate Treasure is won and the second and third place consolation “treasures” are found, all teams will be called/texted that the treasure quest is over and to return back to the hotel banquet room.

The final evening, after the competition, we will have a “Commissioning of Winners” dinner, where we will announce and celebrate the winners and their prizes. We will also have additional prizes for the teams that won the scavenger hunt, the team/individual challenges, and the top three well as some fun prizes for some unique categories.

The Ultimate Treasure Quest

The Ultimate Treasure is also a play on words, as everyone will experience the ultimate treasure of experiencing the excitement of an amazing competition, making lifelong friends, seeing the beauty of this world and its people, experiencing the personal challenge of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, and making a significant impact and difference in supporting our partnering charity, Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.