Kilimanjaro Treasure Quest Itinerary

October 8 - October 27

10/8 - Day 1: (2-5 p.m.) Meet at the Miami Airport embassy suites for Kilimanjaro Treasure Quest (KTQ) event registration, welcome reception, team dinner, team pictures, interviews, and evening KTQ team and event introductions.

Welcome Reception & dinner Party. Accommodations: The Miami Airport embassy suites (or similar)

10/9 - Day 2: Team breakfast, KTQ breakdown, Pre-flight information session, Event Q&A's, team lunch, and airport departure. 

10/10 - Day 3: Travel Day. (Time Change Difference)

10/11 - Day 4: Arrive (early a.m.) Kilimanjaro International Airport. Hotel registration and jet lag rest day. Afternoon city tour, evening competition Q&A, and a breakdown of rules and regulations.

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: The Impala Hotel (or similar)

10/12 - Day 5: Competition Day 1. Arusha Scavenger hunt. Each team will spend the day doing a variety of activities, finding items, taking pictures, shooting videos, serving, selling, negotiating, etc. The top team with the most points at the end of the day wins a prize and a "Treasure Pass" to use on the last day of the Treasure Quest competition. 

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: The Impala Hotel (or similar)

10/13 - Day 6: Competition Day 2. Individual and Team Challenges. In the spirit of The Amazing Race and Survivor, teams will compete against each other in a variety a challenges. There are six challenges scattered throughout the day. Winners of all challenges receive a prize and a "Treasure Pass" for their team to use on the last day of the Kilimanjaro Treasure Quest competition. 

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: The Impala Hotel (or similar)

10/14 - Day 7: Competition Day 3. The $100,000 Ultimate Treasure Quest. Teams will compete against each other, deciphering 10 clues that lead to 10 different locations. At each location, they must find the treasure box containing a "Kili-Card" and a treasure box key. On the back of each "Kili-Card"  is a word, combination of words, or a phrase. When all 10 cards are put together in the right order, the cards will reveal exactly where the $100,000 Ultimate Treasure is located. Winning team receives the $100,000 cash prize, and 2nd and 3rd place teams each win a $1,000 cash prize. Dinner party and the "Commissioning of Winners."

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: The Impala Hotel (or similar)

Safaris. Team splits into 2 teams.

Team A goes to Tanzania 1st and Kenya 2nd. Team B goes to Kenya 1st and Tanzania 2nd

10/15 - Day 8: Safari. Private and guided safari to the Ngorongoru Crater

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations:Ngorongoru sopa safari lodge (or similar)

10/16 - Day 9: Safari. Private and guided safari to Tarangire. Return to Arusha.

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: The Impala Hotel (or similar)

10/17 - Day 10: Safari. Caravan to Kenyan border. Then, fly in a Cessna 206 to Campi Ya Kanzi. Eat lunch and explore the 283,000 acre Maasai reservation. Enjoy a game drive to lookout hill. This will be followed by dinner and a MWCT Introduction.

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: Award winning luxury, Boutique Ecolodge: Campi ya kanzi

10/18 - Day 11: Safari. Game drive, exploring the land and hiking to the cloud forest (7,000 ft). Visit the MWCT headquarters and learn firsthand about our charity partner and the programs each team is raising money for.

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: Award winning luxury, Boutique ecolodge: Campi ya kanzi

10/19 - Day 12: Team Rest/Free Day-Kilimanjaro Prep

Team B - Arusha.

Team A - Breakfast at Campi Ya Kanzi, flight to Namanga, caravan to Arusha. Meeting back up with Team B.

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: The Impala Hotel (or similar)

Kilimanjaro Trek

7 day Lemosho - Shira Route

10/20 - Day 13: Londorossi gate to Mt. Mkubwa. Climbers are taken to the gate at 1,800 meters (5,905 ft.) at the entrance to the forest for entrance formalities, and then to the trailhead at Lemosho Glades. From here, there is a three to four hour walk, ascending quite steeply through the forest, until a camp is made in a clearing in the forest dominated by a large tree – Mt Mkubwa.

10/21 - Day 14: Mt. Mkubwa to Shira 1. Continue climb to the moorland above the forest, then detour northwards around the Shira ridge before dropping down onto the Shira plateau. Camp is made by a stream at Shira One campsite. Total time is about six hours.

10/22 - Day 15: Shira 1 to Shira hut. The trail continues across the plateau towards Kibo. After about two hours, the edge of the plateau is reached, and the path climbs up for about 40 minutes to Shira hut at 3,800 meters (12,467 ft.). Total time is about three hours if the direct route is taken. An additional option that is afforded us is the opportunity to branch off the trail and climb Shira Cathedral and Shira Needle, the imposing hills on the southern side of the plateau, and to look down the Machame ridge from their tops. It is also possible to visit Cone Place, the center of the extinct Shira volcano, and to look from there at the highest parts of the Shira plateau - Johnsell Point and Klute Peak on the western Shira ridge.

10/23 - Day 16: Shira hut to Lava Tower hut. The path continues directly up the ridge towards Kibo and to Lava Tower hut at 4,600 meters (15,091 ft.). The hut is so called because of a tower of lava nearby. Total time is about four to five hours. Shortly before reaching Lava Tower hut, a path leads off to the right which goes along the Kibo South Circuit to Horombo hut. From this point to Horombo hut takes a good four to five hours more.

10/24 - Day 17: Lava Tower hut to Arrow glacier hut. Cross a stream and climb a steep boulder-strewn path to a small plateau directly beneath Kibo’s western breach. This is where the Arrow glacier camp site is located, at 4,850 meters, (15,912 ft.) the highest camp site on Kilimanjaro below the crater. This walk may only take one hour, and the rest of the day is spent exploring the big Breach glacier close to the camp site, admiring the magnificent views of the western breach and the Breach Wall towering over the camp site, and resting in preparation for the next day’s efforts.

10/25 - Day 18: Arrow glacier hut to the top. Leaving the camp very early in the morning, climb the slope behind the hut, continuing up through cliffs of rock. This is the Arrow Glacier - not much glacier left. Eventually reach a ridge like a staircase and scramble up onto the crater floor. From the camp, this part will take about six hours, and the crater floor is about 5,700 meters (18,700 ft.) at this point. It is then about one and one-half hours to Uhuru Peak 5,895 meters (19,341 ft.). Then descend via Barafu hut (one to two hours from Stella point), and then continue for another three or four hours to Mweka hut.

10/26 - Day 19: Descend to Mweka gate. Receive summit certificates. Say farewells to all our guides, chefs, and porters. Caravan back to Arusha and to our hotel for a trekking dinner celebration.

breakfast/lunch/dinner. Accommodations: The Impala Hotel (or similar)

10/27 - Day 20: Depart for Miami and arrive on the same Day 20. (Time Change) Kilimanjaro Treasure Quest final farewells and departure party.

Farewell dinner Party. Accommodations: The Miami Airport embassy suites (or similar)

10/28 - Day 21: Participants depart for home.