Global Treasure Quest Press Release




The dates of October 3 - October 24, 2018 for the Global Treasure Quest have been set!

5 Countries, 4 Continents, 22 Days, and 1 Ultimate Treasure of $20,000

Limited to just 15 teams of two, all globetrotting, competitive adventurers can now submit their applications for the annual Global Treasure Quest.

The 2018 edition of the Global Treasure Quest™ is the 1st annual world travel adventure competition. We are taking fifteen (15) teams of two (2), from our welcoming reception in Miami, around the world as we visit 5 countries, 4 continents, many natural wonders and some amazing World Heritage sites!

This global event will crown a winning team with the ultimate treasure: a $20,000 cash prize. The event includes the amazing Global Treasure Quest competition, 2-Day (in each country) Country Excursions, around the world travel to: Tanzania, Thailand, Peru, Australia, and New Zealand.

Teams compete against each other in a day-long "clue-based" treasure hunt in and around a city in EACH country. The winners in each country receives a $500 cash prize and a "Clue-Card" advantage to be used during the final $20,000 Ultimate Treasure Hunt at our last country destination.

On the competition day in each country, each team will be given an envelope with 5 clues (and a map) to decipher. Each clue takes you to. location and at each location the clue leads you to a treasure box containing a "Clue-Card." On the back of each Clue-Card is a word, combination of words, or a phrase. When all 5 cards are put together in the right order, the cards will reveal exactly where the final treasure is located and hidden.  In the first 4 countries we visit, the treasure is a cash prize of $500 and an advantage "Clue-Card" to use during the $20,000 Treasure Quest Hunt on the final day. The last country we visit will have the final competition for the $20,000 Ultimate Treasure and require solving 10 clues, acquiring 10 "Clue-Cards" and treasure box keys, and a race to the Ultimate Treasure.

The cost of this global adventure and competition is $11,900 and includes ALL EXCURSIONS! Single travelers are welcome to apply. Please contact Hardcore Travel at 970-829-8728 or apply online @

Contact and Media inquiries: Greg Hughes or Scott Kenyon @ or 970-829-8728.