Responsible Travel

One of the many unique things about Hardcore Travel is our commitment to making a genuine difference in the world. We know we have the potential to significantly impact the local communities in the developing nations we travel to. 

Through our own charitable commitment, giveone4one, Hardcore Travel aims to support families around the world, by taking on the financial burden of education and help promote charity through educational giving. Through scholarships for education, supplies, salaries, transportation, and the building of private, community schools, we can help struggling nations plagued with child illiteracy, succeed.

Would you be interested in taking an Adventure Charity Trip? If so, let us know...fill out the "contact us" form, and in the trip details type in "significance Trip."    

On upcoming SIGNIFICANCE TRIPS, there will be amazing opportunities to volunteer and 'give back'. Planting a garden in a village, buying and bringing local food and medicine to a small remote village, orphanage and/or school visits, can really  make such a "Hardcore" impact in everyone's lives.

There is a drastic need for significance in each person's life, where people can travel and experience the world, its beauty, wonderful cultures and people. We come alive and are transformed in many ways by helping others in need.  When you begin to travel and discover the world, you also discover a deeper purpose for yourself as Hardcore Travel connects significance and travel.