At Hardcore Travel, we're proud to have more than 25 years of experience in hosting, guiding, and leading international expeditions. We offer the most compelling, exciting, impacting, and adventurous trips around.

Founder and Director: Greg Hughes

Greg has 25+ years in training, organizing, and taking groups overseas on guided trips, while exploring over 76+ countries up close and personal. He has been fortunate to have logged over 10,000 "experience" hours in team/group guided trips overseas. A businessman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Greg continues to bring the fun of adventure travel and the significance of giving back, while executing memory-making experiences to global travelers.

Some of his greatest travel accomplishments have been: being published in USA Today for an article on transformative travel in 2009, solo-motorcycling through southern Africa, delivering food and medicine to remote villages in the Andes of Peru, canoeing deep into Amazon, living with a Venezuelan tribe for a few days, and shark diving in the Caribbean. His biggest accomplishment in 2016 was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

At present, Greg and his wife, Lisa, live in Fort Collins, Colorado, with their four children. Greg and Lisa enjoy lots of laughter, sports, and spending time in the mountains of Colorado with their family and friends.

Founder and Director: Scott Kenyon

Scott, who holds a Master's Degree in Administration, has accrued more than twenty years of experience managing multi-million dollar businesses and directing fundraising events for charitable organizations. His hobbies include hiking, fishing, motorcycle riding, camping, and sailing. In addition to all that, he stays busy volunteering his time for booster clubs and charities that serve children and teens.  

Over the years, he has raised money for high school music and arts programs, sponsoring and hosting fundraising events to benefit at-risk kids and victims of violence and abuse.

An entrepreneur and businessman, Scott takes chief responsibility for the background support and logistics management of the company. Every now and then, he gets out of the office to guide an adventure or two of his own! Scott and his wife, Kelly, live in Johnstown, Colorado, with their five kids and enjoy spending time together hiking, boating, taking family road trips to the Pacific Northwest, and camping in the great outdoors of Colorado.

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