We choose a handful of proven, breathtaking, awe-inspiring destinations, and then we create an unbelievable guided excursion...start to finish.

unique adventures, led by experts

We are the best at featuring international guided and hosted trips. An expert host and guide are crucial for making an amazing trip! The difference between a good trip or a GREAT trip is the Host/Guide's innate ability to constantly have a pulse on the team as well as the experience to adjust, pivot, and steer the group towards a satisfying experience! We handle all the trip logistics and enable you to just show up ready to ENJOY your trip with a stress-free mind and an open heart.

We design each featured excursion with the mindset of getting off the "tourist loop" at some point and really engaging with the people and culture. We like to start stateside and pull everyone together (unless they are traveling from another country) to bond socially as a group during a private welcoming reception and dinner. This stateside meeting will build anticipation, and we will carry that excitement throughout the trip.

When you book a trip with Hardcore Travel, you become part of an exceptional, global adventure community we call HT Nation. We like to keep our trips positive and enjoyable for everyone by providing a family atmosphere...enjoying exciting excursions year-round to extraordinary destinations. Our goal is to provide customized, dream-trip itineraries, daring you to go beyond your comfort zone, and we would like to bring you back again and again to experience adventures of a lifetime!


‘Hardcore’ Travel is a way of life! Diehard, Radical, Extreme, and Committed are all words associated with Hardcore. All of those names sum up the type of adventures and experiences we want to create and guide...So, Hardcore Travel was born! 

We radically love to discover the adventures of travel, cultures, and team dynamics. We also love to explore the world, help the less fortunate, and be awed by beauty, and because of this, we are 100% committed to making a hardcore global impact.